Monday, February 11, 2013

Giving it up

I have the feeling this blog might be rated as “most hated” from readers.  I have pondered writing it for a long time but have yet to find a place it would fit until now. 

This Wednesday (February 13th) begins the 40 days of Lent.  These are 40 days that lead to the week of our Lords Passover and Resurrection.  Forty days of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving taken from:

#1- 40 years the children of Israel spent in the wilderness

#2- 40 days Moses spent on Mt. Sinai receiving God’s Law

#3- 40 days Jesus spent in fasting and prayer out in the wilderness

If you are not part of a congregation who practices the Lenten season, you have certainly heard the expression, “What are you giving up for Lent”? This is the first year my family has been a part of a church who participates so this is my first year to “give something up” for 40 days.  As far as food fasting is concerned I am only participating in a small way (hey I’m a health nut; not much to give up!) but my main fast will be from television and social media in order to:

#1- devote more time to God in prayer

#2- devote more time to my family and home

Whether you are part of a participating church or not I am challenging women to join this “fast” with me.  I have noticed a disturbing trend in my generation (Generation X).  We have become a group of women OBSESSED with the media.  You don’t think that’s true?  How many people did you communicate with via face-book, text message, e-mail, etc this week?  How many people did you sit face to face and have coffee with this week?  How long did you spend watching gosh-awful reality T.V shows like the Bachelor and how many hours did you spend talking to your spouse/children about their day?  Now I am going to hit the main nerve. . .READY?  How much time did you spend surfing the internet, checking face-book or posting on pintrest while you had a sink full of dirty dishes, or a pile of laundry waiting to be folded?

Yes I know, I am getting too personal and what business is it of mine?  Ladies I want you to think about how you would feel if your husband came home from work and didn’t get his pay-check  because he hadn’t finished his work. What if he was too busy looking up all the caddy-gossip on face-book or posting his favorite football team’s beer-mug on pintrest?  What if your children did not complete a homework assignment because they spent the evening text messaging or playing video games? 

Ladies I am challenging all of you to treat your home and family as top priority in your day.  In doing that, you are really putting Christ first.  He says the greatest in the Kingdom is to be the servant of all. . .how many of you mom’s ever feel like that “Cinderella” servant? Just remember as you honor your family and home by giving them the best of your time and energy you are really honoring the Lord Himself!  It’s easy to get tired and grow lax in our homes. . .after all, we don’t really have a boss looking over our shoulder.  I challenge you to consider the Lord your boss over the next 40 days and commit to give your best in your home! 

By the way. . .I am a little obsessive/compulsive and have actually timed how long household chores take me.  Unload dishwasher=4 ½ minutes; wipe down kitchen counter/ 30 seconds; collect dirty laundry=2 minutes; start a load of laundry=30 seconds; fold a load of laundry= 5 minutes; cook a meal=30 minutes; wash pans post cooking= 5 minutes.

In the time it took you to log on and read my blog (hee-hee) one of those tasks could be done with!  If you are like me, a lot of your media sources are directly business related so you cannot totally get rid of media.  Just try this. . .set a rule that you cannot watch T.V; check face-book, or browse pintrest while a mess sits behind you.  My children can’t play video games in the evening until they have homework done and rooms cleaned.  What if all of us set the same rule for ourselves for the next 40 days?!


Go ahead. . .I DARE YOU!