Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What If?

When I teach a seminar for the “Isaiah Challenge” the main question is:  WHAT IF?  That is a question we seem to ask ourselves a lot anyways.  What if I had more time to spend with my family?  What if I could just get that promotion at work?  What if I finally lost that last 20 pounds?  Most of the time the “what if” question is self focused; what if we made that question outward focused?
What if as women we stopped complaining that we have nothing to wear (as we stare at a closet full of clothes) and instead we volunteered time at a homeless shelter?  What if as parents instead of complaining that our kids are driving us nuts we took the time to, not only invest in our own children; but look for the fatherless and the orphan to reach out to as well?  What if as teachers we decided that we really do make a difference and instead of focusing on the twenty we don’t get through to, we look at the life of the one we can make a difference in and decide that one is worth it!  What if instead of going to Mc Donald’s every day and supersizing the meal, we all took a brown bag lunch and used the savings to send to those starving in third world countries?  What if instead of complaining in the check-out-line that we had to wait 10 minutes, we smiled at the clerk and said a silent prayer that God might bless their day?

What if we decided to live outside of ourselves and our own little world.  What if we decided to prefer others and live lives of servitude?  What if we really took care of “the least of these”?  What might our world begin to look like?  As the Isaiah Challenge prepares to take off in the Texas Panhandle area, I ask that wherever you are. . .join with us!  Please send in your “what if” Challenge stories  to share with others.  Please recommend the Challenge page to your face-book friends and help be the “trend-setter”.  I will be giving updates and photos of all the different events via face-book and blog. . .I hope and pray you will all have one to share with us!

What if. . .we change the world?