Thursday, March 20, 2014

The gods must be crazy

Does anyone remember the old movie, "The gods must be crazy"?  If I remember correctly it's about an African tribe that has a soda bottle fall out of the sky (from and airplane) into their community.  This soda bottle upsets daily life.  They don't know what it is or what the "gods" want from them.  They think the gods must be crazy!  I have had the same thought recently of the ONE TRUE GOD.  He must be crazy when I look at the path He has sent me down.  Me, a trainer and health nut.  He has sent down and odd looking "vessel" that I didn't really know what to do with.  The odd looking vessel He sent is a group of homeless and impoverished people in Downtown Amarillo.  What am I suppose to do with them God?  Are you crazy?  You want me to preach the gospel and reach outside of what I know and am comfortable with.  You want to upset my "village" life by this odd call to preach the Gospel to the poor?

Yes, that is what He was saying!  I have dozens of amazing stories I could tell about this journey but I just wanted to share with you the most recent. 

I currently oversee serving two meals a month in Downtown Amarillo.  The first is open to all at the Guyon Saunders Resource Center (Serve 70 to 80).  The second is for the Biblically based self-worth class that I teach each month at the center (20-25 people).  Next month is Passion Week (April 13th-19th) and I wanted to have a Spaghetti Dinner to serve on Good Friday.  I always pray and the Lord sends the "Laborers" to His vineyard and for this meal He has sent the United Methodist Women to help make and serve the food.  My desire has always been to offer more than 'daily-bread' but to also bring the "True Bread" which comes down from Heaven. . .after contacting the Resource Center they have reserved the large room so that I can bring in a team to hold a Good Friday Service right after the meal!  Is God crazy, or is it that He knows how to accomplish His purposes across the earth even if it takes His people some time to understand the blessings He is sending down.  What if we all just decided to trust and obey even if we didn't understand?  What might God do through us if we fully surrendered instead of question His sanity when He calls us?

Please be in prayer for the service to the Homeless on Good Friday and when God sends something "odd" your way, ask Him why, don't just throw it away!